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What to do about Chicken

I think I’ve taken the wrong approach to my apron mission.

The last few weeks I’ve all but abandoned cooking, relying heavily on Andrew to ensure a well balanced diet that involved more than black bean soup (I have a weird thing for black bean soup).  Given how full my plate is with work, trying to stay sane, exercising and planning a wedding/honeymoon, I don’t have much room left for home-cooked meals.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem lies in my selection of recipes. I gravitate towards those traditional recipes I’ve always wanted to try, rather than realistic, simple dinners that I can actually fit in my schedule. Last Sunday, I volunteered to be in charge of dinner (Andrew was shocked) and stuck to something basic: chicken and mushrooms, with a little chicken gravy drizzled on top, and a arugula side salad.

May 24, 2012   2 Comments

Yup, I’m going to be that girl.

The biggest challenge I’ve had in wedding planning is parsing through traditions. Decisiveness is not my strong suit, but I do know that I don’t want to get caught up with certain wedding hoopla just because it’s expected. I want this period of our lives to mean something to us rather than feel contrived.

Engagement photos were one of those things that both of us said “We’d never do that.” But when it came down to it, not only did I really want to meet our photographers, I knew I would appreciate having these in years to come. I mean, hey, it’s all down hill from here.

Just kiiddding.

Anyways, I hate to be that girl, but I had to share how amazing our photographers are. Whitney and Dustin of Oh, Darling! Photography are both so much fun, they managed to make us feel completely at ease. I can’t imagine having picked more talented photographers.

Also, Beth at The Middy, who did my hair, and Serenity from Makeup at the Grove Arcade, who did my makeup, both did a beautiful job as well!

March 28, 2012   2 Comments

If you read one novel this month…

Read “The Marriage Plot,” by Jeffrey Eugenides.

I rarely buy new releases. Most often, I wait until way past paperback phase until I’ve heard enough commentary to convince me it’s a must read. But I was so excited about the release of this book a few months ago, I did something a little crazy… I bought the hardcover from a bookstore. Yes, that’s right, a bookstore (not Amazon!) and in hardcover (did you know hardcovers cost as much as $30 these days?!). With Jeffrey Eugenides, I was confident it would not disappoint. He could be writing about the Kardashians, and I would still want to read it.

While I admittedly was not a big fan of the characters, it didn’t matter. His writing, his insight into the female psyche (how does he do it?), his character development… It’s all so enjoyable that during times when I put the book down, it was never far from my thoughts.

He has this remarkable ability to provide a 360 view of his characters so that they become part of you. Not necessarily a part of you that you admire or love, but one that you understand. One that you appreciate, perhaps even respect, despite their downspiraling tendencies. Intertwining social commentary with the story, his insights are little gems I stored away to reflect on later.

As I neared the final pages of the book, I was nervous. I didn’t know how he would end it without being predictable or corny. But I thought the execution was perfect… Beautifully on point; satisfying, even.

Reading Jeffrey Eugenides’ works is a wonderful experience. Whether it’s this book or his past bestseller Middlesex, it’s one I highly recommend.

March 12, 2012   No Comments

The grass is always greener…

When I’m working, I think, studying isn’t that bad – you set your own schedule, you can wear whatever you want, it’s your only responsibility. But now that I’m studying again… oh lordy, I would do anything to be working instead. Alas, it’s almost over. I made Andrew promise that we will not move anywhere that requires taking another bar exam, and Andrew made me promise that I won’t do anymore cooking until after this bar exam. Apparently, I’m a bit of a slob.

This salad is inspired by the all vegetable restaurant Le Verdure in Eataly. We were skeptical about trying the place (we had our hopes set on the pasta restaurant but were not willing to do the 1 ½ hour wait) but were pleasantly surprised. We had their incredibly tasty pepper salad and lentil soup

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February 23, 2012   2 Comments

Hey Sugah

Whenever I bake (granted it’s a rarity), I’m amazed by the ingredients. With exorbitant amounts of sugar, butter and cream, how can it not taste good?

In light of how much Andrew and I have on our plates this year, we decided to go low key for Valentines Day. I opted for simple sugar cookies to bake him as his gift. Three days later… I finally got around to finishing. I’m finding it harder and harder to have time for apron activities these days.

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